Music and Medicine, A Love Story


      There are all kinds of charities with all types of goals. They are all battling for a shrinking pool of funding in the present economy, often when their need is greatest. At this time it might be good to think about the smaller niche charities, who don’t have the well-known names. Some of them serve unique needs, and one such is #12for12k’s charity this month, “Musicians on Call“.

     There is much focus lately on health care, and rightly so. But no matter how good the health care, hospitals can be a pretty bleak place for the spirit. Musicians on Call provides musical services to those shut away in hospitals and other health care facilities. They provide several different services, such as actually bringing performers right to the bedside, providing CD libraries for patients, and even helping patients write and produce their own music. 

     We can’t all give a lot, but almost everyone can give a little. To read more from #12for12k about Musicians on Call, or to donate, go here.


One Response to Music and Medicine, A Love Story

  1. Ching Ya says:

    What a brilliant idea. ‘Music heals the souls’ – can’t find a better way to put this. It’s great to meet you on Tweetsgiving. Will anticipate your post for the occasion. Keep up the good work!

    Social/Blogging Tracker

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