Business Exposure/Helping Charity – A Win-Win!

Are you a business or organization trying to get more exposure through social media, particularly on Twitter? As social media evolves, so do the ways people try to use it.

#12for12k is a great group of people trying to raise money for a different charity every month. All money is channeled directly to the charity and everyone involved is a volunteer. This month the charity is Doctor’s Without Borders, and #12for12k is trying the idea of a sponsored tweetathon on September 29th, with our own @HennArtOnline tweeting for 24 hours, with associated activities taking place on the #12for12k site.  Businesses and organizations can get an incredible amount of exposure on Twitter for a very low investment, the spots are being auctioned off on Ebay in one hour time slots. This is a global event, with people involved from around the globe.

This is great exposure and will garner great goodwill from a large segment of the Twitter community. Please check things out here.


2 Responses to Business Exposure/Helping Charity – A Win-Win!

  1. Kat Barton says:

    Wonderful job Roger! As usual you pick a great cause to write about~ Hope this will help them!

  2. Danny Brown says:

    Agree 100% with Kat, Roger – thank you for all your support, fella, you’re a good man and one day we’ll have to have a couple of glasses of the good stuff together.

    Cheers bud!

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