Don’t Let Anyone Tell You How to Act on Twitter!

twitter     How often have you read in the twitter stream or in someone’s blog what you should or shouldn’t do? It’s constant, all these self-proclaimed Emily Posts of twitterquette will tell you; don’t followfriday, don’t thank for Retweets, do thank for Retweets, don’t try to sell yourself or products, the best way to sell yourself or products, and on and on and on. You know what? Do what you want, Twitter didn’t put them in charge of what Twitter is all about.

     Twitter is many different things to many different people. That’s what’s so wonderful about it. There is a simple solution built into twitter if you don’t like the way someone tweets. You just don’t follow them. And if someone is persistent enough to bother you anyways, Twitter has another solution. You block them. That’s it. It’s really simple. Do what you want with your tweetstream, don’t let yourself be limited by what others decide you ‘should’ do. That’s it, and feel free to ignore this advice too!


7 Responses to Don’t Let Anyone Tell You How to Act on Twitter!

  1. hmm.. sound advice, be your own self, on twitter too?
    like in the real world?

    my mamma told me: if you can’t say it with 140 characters either don’t say it, or go blog.

  2. ShellyKramer says:

    Love it Roger. And I agree – Twitter should be what every individual person wants it to be. Pretty much without exception.

    My posts about suggested avatars, handles, grammar, etc., are mostly aimed at people who use Twitter for business and who want to be taken seriously – from a business standpoint. And, humbly, if that’s a person’s intent, there probably are some good guidelines to follow – just like in the “real” business world.

    And, on the other side of the “do what you want coin” are the perverts who follow you with avatar pics of vaginas or nipples or whatever, in an attempt to spew their crap. Sure, it is and would be infinitely easier to just block those losers and move on, never giving them another thought. After all, live and let live, right? But, for me, part of being cognizant of the greater good of a community that I love is standing up, even if it means being annoying to a friend like you, and saying “Go away, nasty spammer.”

    But, at the end of the day, I do believe that people should be and do what they are and what they want. And that’s part of what makes Twitter and other social mediums so enjoyable.

    Thanks for sharing your rant – you know me, I love a good rant!!



  3. @CTK1 says:

    I agree with your rant, but of course! I know this Twitter person who lambasts people for saying something personal via their feed and who thinks people who say things like “I’m having a rotten day” or “I just talked on the phone with [insert name]”are some kind of embarrassment. Absurd. What’s embarrassing is sitting around thinking that some other individual needs to be just like you. A creep like that wouldn’t even like themselves if they met themselves.

    Not only is it embarrassing to be an idiot judge and jury over the masses, it’s immature and extremely judgmental.

    Be you, whatever the f’ that is… there isn’t anything else to be really. Just gotta be us. Whatever the f’ that is, there isn’t anything else to be… not
    that I know of.

  4. mfeige says:

    I just want to Word All of This Up!

  5. Kat Barton says:

    Amen! Ha, that’s why I follow you and Shelly her to death, and she says it like it is. Me? I am a bit reserved, snicker… but I am sure some have caught my rants, and to bad. We are all human, and we do things the way we want. Don’t ever tell me NO, cause I will! Most certainly, I use common sense, and tweet how I feel I should, whether I add value, or just blather, it is my business. Love this! Another great post! Love ya!

  6. My tweets range from personal to professional. I admit, I do struggle sometimes, contemplating the creation of two separate accounts. My bottom-line conclusion: I am many people, emotions and personalities rolled into one. I will not filter my tweets to fit into a box. Take it or leave it… and ALWAYS feel free to paint your sun BLUE!

  7. […] obviously welcome to use Twitter as you please and follow people for any or no reason. But consider the points I’ve made, in terms of the […]

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