And I Had Such a Great Anecdote for Reader’s Digest

     The News that Reader’s Digest was filing for bankruptcy hit me hard. I had been saving an anecdote for years I’d been meaning to send in.  As a bookseller I have very mixed feelings about Reader’s Digest, I loved the humorous anecdote sections when younger, something about their essential common man touch really appealed to me. Maybe they were a precursor to reality TV. But their condensed books filled me with loathing. ‘Here is a great book, we have shortened it for you!’ Ecccch!

readersdigest     Well, not to fear, they are just reorganizing, see this for more details ‘Readers Digest Filing for Bankruptcy, But Will Remain in Dental Offices’  from But it made me realize, why tell the anecdote in Reader’s Digest, when I have my own blog!  So here it is!

     A few years ago I was looking to buy a twin bed for my daughter. We live in a university town, with people coming and going constantly, and I saw a used one advertised in our local on-line classified. So I called them, they didn’t speak English that well, they were a family from Korea going back home after the husband had obtained his graduate degree. They said to come over and see it, so I drove into town to see the bed. The husband proudly ushered me into a bedroom and said ‘Nice twin bed!’. The bed was not a twin bed, it was probably a king sized bed. I explained to him that this was not a twin bed. He insisted it was, called out something in Korean, and in came running his two 6 year old twin boys. He pointed at them triumphantly and said ‘It is very good twin bed!’


9 Responses to And I Had Such a Great Anecdote for Reader’s Digest

  1. Kat Barton says:

    LOL…to funny.. I remember looking forward to the anecdote section. Good memories.

  2. Sasabelle says:

    Were the twins included? Your anecdote would have fitted greatly in the book I hated for years.
    They always tried to sell a subscription, which came along with this great ‘only for you and your already one of the quarter final winners’ change to win (at least) 1 million Euro’s (in our case) option. You only had to sign up for 5 years and the money, car and don’t forget that wonderful pen would be yours. My mum always signed up (I only learned later my dad really liked reading those stupid little books) and I was convinced that within weeks my parents would buy me all the barbies and barbies friends in the world for me. Only to find out that every month we received the even worse version of the mag. Readers book of the month…Damn you Readers Digest, you just asked for it!

  3. booksbelow says:

    Thanks, Kat. Most of the magazine drove me crazy, like ‘I am Joe’s pancreas’. But I loved the humor sections for some reason!

  4. booksbelow says:

    Have to mostly agree with your sentiments, Sasabelle! I hope you mum at least got the free pen! Reader’s Digest Condensed Books are the bane of used booksellers, you can’t even give them away, believe me, I’ve tried! But don’t get me started on ‘Barbies’!

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  6. Rain Jacket says:

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  7. Gute Filme says:

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