Timing on Twitter-Pimping Your Blog

     It’s always difficult to talk about self-promotion. But why write a blog if no-one reads it? This discussion is about promotion of your blog via Twitter, obviously there are many other ways to promote blogs.


   Timing in promoting your blog is obviously important. You can tweet about it at three in the morning, but those tweets will buried by the time most people are on twitter the next day. But what is the best time to promote your blog? And how many times should you mention it in a day?

     I don’t have a lot of answers or experience here. I’m hoping to get a lot of viewpoints via comments. When you tweet about your blog on twitter, you rely on retweets, tweeted comments, etc. My practice has been to mention it a couple of times the first day, once mid-morning, once in the evening.  Then maybe once the next day.   I do have a few loyal friends who always tend to retweet, so I do try to time it for when some of them are tweeting.

     So what’s your opinion? How much to tweet and when? And when does it become too much?


6 Responses to Timing on Twitter-Pimping Your Blog

  1. Robyn Hawk says:

    There are a couple of apps that help with this problem – the one I use is http://tweet-u-later.com/ – good to get info up while you are at work. BUT – don’t discount late night tweets – I now have several people in Australia, Hong Kong and England that follow my blogs now.

    Robyn Hawk

  2. booksbelow says:

    Thanks, Robyn, good point. Actually, it’s true I have a number of international followers now, too. Though still mostly here in the States.

  3. tina says:

    Tough call. I’d say you get more leeway pimping out your blog because you’re not a spammer or known as a spammer. And there’ nothing wrong with getting the word out.

  4. tina says:

    Nice artwork ;=}

  5. booksbelow says:

    Thanks Tina, I realize my blogs aren’t as popular as your guest blogs, but I’ll keep trying! 🙂

  6. ShellyKramer says:

    I think you should also never feel odd about sending a link to a good friend (like me) so that I can RT it. I do that when things are important to me, that I’d like help getting the word out on, and love to support my friends in the same way. I might miss a tweet from you about your blog, but would LOVE to know when it comes out, so that I can help you promote it. So, next time, send me a DM 🙂

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