A Moment of Truth: TDWABTBTSIW

Firstly, I’d like to thank Roger (@BooksBelow) for extending an offer to me, @CTK1, to guest on his blog. I may have twisted his arm into it, but he claims no bruising, so let’s proceed…

One thing I avoid when blogging is the vain, drastically desperate plea for attention begged for by posting a breasty female photo. In this instance I posted one of myself. I really hope you like it. Is it okay? OMG, I hope you like it a lot!

As this is my first blog in well over a year I was warned to skip the pratfall of discussing the writing process. Even though pratfalls are revered in other ways, for instance there’s Jerry Lewis from numerous comedy classics or even that guy who said, “Don’t tase me bro!” Whatever the case may be, I’ve decided to forget the rules and write this blog about how I’m writing this blog.

Hence the title:
Tina discusses writing a blog, this blog, that she is writing.
I’ve turned it into an acronym to help you all remember it better.


This choice of subject matter frees me from fretting over entertainment value. I’ve heard that the trouble with many blogs is writers hope to engage the readers with something interesting. That is not my plan. Therefore I have little chance of failing. Failure is what leads a large percentage of bloggers to fail.

Furthermore, I’m the type who dislikes typecasting, trying painstakingly to avoid it… Let’s discuss… Studies show certain types of people enjoy personal stories that relate to their own lives. No matter how boring their lives might be, people can always strain to find relevance. Which is why it’s also advised you add questions at the end, so readers can engage by answering these questions. I’ve also read that good writing is all about the details.

Personal Story Circa May 2009 (a Tuesday).
The sun was a hot yellow color located distinctly in the sky, up above where planes and species of birds often fly. Coincidentally, last year while on vacation, I met a married couple. The husband was between 20 and 40. The wife was of indeterminate age ranging between 20-40. She had brown hair. They appeared in love. It was cool because I enjoy love.

Have these things ever happened to you? Or has anything other than this happened to you? When was it, where and why? Feel free to flood the comment section and share with me as I have done so freely and openly with you.


30 Responses to A Moment of Truth: TDWABTBTSIW

  1. Brian says:

    Nothing has ever happened to me except looking at married couples under their sunshines.

    I have nothing to add except thanks for this joy-laden excursion.

  2. Reynolds Milner says:

    Hilarious stuff. Especially liked the bit about “Failure is what leads a large percentage of bloggers to fail.” Will try to live by this truism. Or true-ish-ism. Sardonic fun!

  3. Amir Masud says:

    As I read this blog, a song plays in my head. I tried but can’t stop it. It’s not in my own voice, which is odd, as I sing beautifully. It’s a chorus. The chorus is singing, I realize, a spiritual song.

    “I once was lost, but now I’m found”. No it’s not amazing grace. The songwriter has plagiarized, and …I digress.

    So this verse is in a loop, you know, sorta like how “I can’t take my eyes offa you” in Damien Rice’s song? I mean he says that like 15 times in a row. Still, not a bad song…I digress.

    So as I read this blog, I chuckle, and try to shut out that verse. I can’t. I resit. It grows louder. Its like the borg queen once said, and I quote, “resistance is futile”, and that’s the thing about resistance…what you resist you invite and…but I digress.

    So I’ve let the resistance go, I realize I am chuckling with joy, in a hushed manner, as we are prone to when surrounded by strangers, for fear that they may stone us for being mad.

    Ah yes, so…I chuckle and feel this fog of despair, that had culminated after reading comments on huffington post about Lance Armstrong (very negative) and the media frenzy about Obama calling a stupid action: stupid. Yes, so this fog of despair, it lifted, as I read this blog.

    The verse is on a joyous loop “I once was lost, but now I’m found”, and I am chuckling with joy and I realiz: Tina, you’re writing in the uber-NOW. You are the new NOW. You can bottle up that now right now and sell it.

    The blog is about TDWABTBTSIW (Tina discusses writing a blog, this blog, that she is writing).

    I’m in the here and now, thanks to this blog!

  4. Sasabelle says:

    Uh…I’m still looking at your breast but even more so at those luscious lips! Right. I’ll start reading now.
    What brand is that bra?

  5. Jesse says:

    Beauty and brains!!! Its the perfect condisending mix! I will be honest though I looked at the lavish pic of you for about 15 mins and read for 5 mins.

  6. Makes me wish you had a “real” blog I could read from time to time . . .

  7. nikinyc says:

    I pleasurably hold my breath as I read through Ms. Kingston’s piece. I know *any second* she’s going to surprise me with a slice of her razor sharp wit, which is equally matched by her infectious charm. I slowly exhale as she caresses the topic of love. Having surprised me once again.

  8. Anonymous says:

    I, unlike the others, paid no mind to your beautiful breasts and luscious lips, I in fact passed over it. Your blog sparked an emotion within me, something resembling happiness, probably stemming from the laughter. When it comes to your questions, do those things ever happen to me? Yes, every day. Do other things happen to me? Yes, every day.

    I think this blog has offered a closure for me in that I in fact enjoy darkness as you enjoy love. For these things happen to me in different ways. When I see a happy couple I become envious and depressed, why cant I have that? Also, I pay more attention to things like bad boyfriends, fat kids or neglected elder folk, I enjoy observing these things, as much as I wish they didn’t exist, I enjoy observing them. I enjoy sadness.

    Thank you for the epiphany.

  9. ShellyKramer says:

    I am, admittedly, still looking at your breasts. But then, you know we have a problem with that, you and I. What a gem – both the blog and its writer. I love them both, and am most happy they were created – and shared. Love ya bunches, tootsie. Now, back to those flippin’ breasts 🙂


  10. fjfonseca says:

    “Personal Story Circa May 2009 (a Tuesday).
    The sun was a hot yellow color located distinctly in the sky, up above where planes and species of birds often fly. Coincidentally, last year while on vacation, I met a married couple. The husband was between 20 and 40. The wife was of indeterminate age ranging between 20-40. She had brown hair. They appeared in love. It was cool because I enjoy love.”

    If this was on the May the 5th I was trying to cope with the fact that it was my birthday and I was still stuck on a airport somewhere between Ushuaia,Antarctica and Europe and all the minibars that I ran into were looking smaller and smaller.

    So that was not the day of the sun, and couples in love and gin tonics.. ok, maybe Gin Tonics.

    On May the 12th I was trying to forget that my head had been hurting for the last 5 days and that any idea of love, couples and sunshine just had the same effect on me than a hot bottle of gin, without the tonic.

    May 19th … Maybe I saw some breasts trying to embrace what looked like a couple that was flying in the sky… No, I didn’t see it properly but a bird told me.

    May 18th: I was inside of plane that was 20 to 40 years old and had a bottle of gin tonic painted on the right wing, right where the “DO NOT STEP” warning usually is. A couple spoke about love sitting on the 1st class seats next to me, but I remember thinking that she looked too cheap for the champagne he was paying.

    When I woke up I was in Nevada.

  11. justin says:

    tina very very funny. i would be glad to share something that happened to me but sadly nothing ever has. once i was sitting, godot style waiting for something to happen. instead, a monkey came along and proceeded to open seven cans of canary yellow paint in a perfect ring around me. i pretended not to notice, so he moved on. at the time i was sure this represented alienation. but still nothing happened.

    i will not even mention your breasts or even say the word breasts (mine are gorgeous on the other hand)

  12. Jon Aston says:

    You are wonderfully strange and strangely wonderful, frighteningly beautiful, and only a slightly frightening.

    And that’s about as close as I will ever come to sounding “literary”.

    Glad to know you!


  13. David says:

    Now you mention it, something other than that did once happen to me. I remember it as though it was yesterday….

    It was 1918, December. The Great War had just ended – a month or so earlier. I was lost. Europe was in turmoil, displaced people by the million.

    What could I do?

    I have no idea.

  14. Bort says:

    I wrote a lengthy comment in regards to this post, refering to the style of prose, the elegancy of the adjective upon the pronoun and even delving into the murky undercurrent of the feminist spirit who still craves the love and protection of a man, but then I thought I should simplify for clarity.

    Less words.
    More boobs.

  15. Spencer says:

    Confident in the knowledge folk rarely read as far down the comments as this, I would like to reflect, like the hot yellow coloured sun on the delicate, yet highly polished bald head of a 50 -60 year old tibetan monk, on just how hard it is to put together such a compelling, thoughtful, provocative breasty female photo.

    TDWABTBTSIW is an eleven word abbreviation.

    much love.

  16. Danny Brown says:

    Hasn’t anyone seen boobs since being breastfed by mom? Sheesh!! 😉

    Great question, Tina – how to answer it? Hmmm…

    I was messing about quite merrily online and I was approached by this strange, exotic woman. She exuded a strange manic calm, and a barbed wit that was at odds with her feline beauty.

    I was intrigued and we sparked up a conversation. Turns out she was a writer with an incredible mind and the most “out there” ideas around.

    I was looking forward to some in-depth conversation and picking her brains and smarts for the good stuff. And that I got, and continue to do so.

    And to think it almost never happened because of the going rate for a janitor with a broom… 😉

  17. Vonia Perna says:

    I was deeply affected by the personal story of the married couple, for I am one half of a married couple between 20 and 40. Hence this meeting of married couples beneath the yellow sun somewhere in the sky happens to me on a regular basis.
    I’m thrilled that you are able to share your wit, and the very sexy picture which I am sure was a complete distraction to your male readers. Keep finding those interesting things under the yellow sun to captivate us, and I’ll keep reading and enjoying.

  18. Tim Brownson says:

    Nah, none of that has ever happened to me.

    OTOH, I did once swing naked from a tree for a bet and have my testicles chewed off by a Kangaroo called Kevin. That chaffed let me tell you, but I’m not 100% sure that is what you’re looking for.

    I like fish too. To eat that is, I don’t like go out with them or anything like that. Only haddock anyway, but they are way smarter than you average flat fish, so that’s kinda ok I guess.

    Is that you mother?

  19. amy says:

    tina, don’t know how i managed to miss this the first time around… i just wanted to let you know that your little metacognitive gem made my day! hope we’ll be reading more of you in the future…

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  22. cynsheis says:

    get out of my head!…trying to make fun of me like this is soooo mean…oh and umm nice tits!

  23. […] never know what to expect.  She is a great blogger, but at this point  just gypsy blogs here and there.  Extremely brilliant, funny, and master of the one tweet novel.  Just don’t argue with her […]

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