People to Follow on Twitter #4

This is my 4th list of people to follow on twitter. When I started this, I wondered if I would soon run out of people to recommend every week. But the opposite has occurred, I meet more great people on twitter than I can possible put in every week. So I slowly chip away at some of the great people I’ve known the longest on twitter (with the occasional newer one that strikes my fancy) and sometime in the next century I might have a comprehensive list. You can view all my earlier posts of who to follow here.



 @arikhanson is a great source for PR/Marketing knowledge. One of the focuses of his company, ACH Communications, is working with non-profits, which I think is cool. His blog is always informative, lately he’s been doing a series on PR Rock Stars. He is often witty and actively engages on twitter. He is a supporter of #12for12k (always a plus in my book!)



@BrightBlessings is an e-commerce Wiccan! Kind and creative, she makes most of her own products that she sells on her site. She is an active RTer, most of which I find either informative or funny, my requirements for RT’s! 



@BuzzEdition is active in Black Card Circle Foundation and almost as prolific a RT’er as @mayhemstudios, which is really saying something. Follow her also for fun clever tweets. She designs t-shirts, check out her site for her blog and to see her work – Buzz Editions – Where Pop Culture and Entertainment Meets Fashion!




@cleothinksgreen is an ecommerce seller who’s twitter name describes her philosophy. You should check out her site Cleo Thinks Green. She is an artist and loves history and as she claims ‘is not a bot’. Always interesting twitter stream. I forgive her her love of opera.




@Crystalgate is an expert on the Tarot, and is a writer and reader. (Are there writer’s who don’t read?) Waiting for her mystery novel involving Tarot, her cats, and maybe twitter? Visit her page here.




@iamkhayyam Is many things, but almost always funny. I find myself RTing him often. Self described ‘Designer | Wordsmith | Comedian | Radio Guy | Photo Clicker’. Read his blog ‘I Am Khayyam’




@JesseNewhart is another person I find myself RTing a lot. He has a lot of great thoughts on social media and has a great blog here. He is also an artist, and is in the midst of moving, and has written that he will be changing that site to more of an artistic focus, and putting social media stuff elsewhere.





 @jonesdel is a journalist for USA Today and a great example of how to be professional and social at the same time on twitter. Famous for his all twitter interview of CEO’s for USA Today (see it here) , he knows how to keep his balance with the new wave of social media. Do not know why he lists his name backwards on twitter.


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