People to Follow on Twitter #3

     This is my third list of followfriday recommendations, as previously stated, I think the followfriday idea is great, but it’s execution on twitter has several drawbacks. One of these is the cluttering up of the twitter stream. Another is the endless #ff lists of people with no explanation of why anyone would find them worth following. So I mention this list a few times over the day, and it’s also here to look back at later. My first #ff post is here, my second #ff post is here.



akojen@akojen is a funny, caring photographer/writer. Ask her anything about movies, she’ll know (especially zombie movies!) She loves animals, even her new puppy which is driving her crazy! Here is a link to some of her car photos.



amirmasud@amirmasud is a filmmaker working on his 1st feature film. Funny and provocative tweeter, pursuing his own vision, see examples of some of his short works here on his web page.



arjunbasu@arjunbasu  describes himself as author, editor, traveller, husband, dad, foodie, slightly mad. Famous on twitter for his twisters, 140-character short stories that I find amazing that he can keep churning out. I find many of them thought provoking. Follow and read. Author of the book ‘Squishy’, available here.



brianspaeth@brianspaeth Look for witty, sometimes obscure tweets. Claims to be actor/screenwriter /producer, though not necessarily in that order 🙂 Has written two books and has a great blog (or maybe anti-blog) here, but in a few days will be here. Or maybe there. I give up, but follow him!



DiscoverClocks@DiscoverClocks is a kind and interesting twitterer besides being a merchant on twitter, one of the good ones. As the name implies, he knows just about everything about vintage and antique clocks. He also does restoration and repair. I took a clock apart once, don’t ask what happened! LOL! Check his site here.



edwardboches@edwardboches is on the cutting edge of advertising and social media. He is chief creative officer in Mullen Advertising and has a great blog, creativity_unbound that is worth checking out. I find myself RT’ing him quite often.



johnhaydon@johnhaydon  is a social media consultant that works with non-profits & small businesses. He is a kind caring person, who uses his marketing skills for good, not evil! 🙂 He keeps a Resource Superlist For Twitter Folks and check his posts here.



mayhemstudios@mayhemstudios In his secret identity he is the head of mayhem studios, a design firm. But on twitter, he is a self-proclaimed media ho, constantly updating us on everything interesting going on. I find myself RT’ing him more than anyone else. He’s also one of the kindest people I know, and takes the time to converse with everyone that tweets him. (Can’t imagine when he gets any work done!). I also know he likes cheeseburgers.


shirleybrady@shirleybrady looks far too young for her extensive resume, writer/editor at Time based in Hong Kong, then moving to New York and People Magazine, then writer/editor of trade magazine Cable World (where she ran it’s website in her spare time). She’s also been a TV producer and writer, before settling down for now as the Community editor of BusinessWeek. A loving mother as evidenced by her tweets, and with a wry commentary on what interests her. One of the best journalists I know. 


Silversmyth@Silversmyth is funny, creative, and a talented silversmith. She designs and creates beautiful things out of silver, and loves the challenge of turning your dreams into jewlery. I was joking with her one day and asked if she’d ever made a crown. Of course, she has. Check her stuff out here!


3 Responses to People to Follow on Twitter #3

  1. John Haydon says:

    Roger – you are way, way too sweet! Thanks!

  2. edwardboches says:

    Flattered to be included. Agree on a couple of points. First is that FF has lot some of its meaning. Just a flurry of names with little explanation or reason. And two, many people simply posting names in hopes of getting a reciprocal response and subsequent followers. This is more thoughtful. @sethsimonds started a few weeks ago; I did it once. And this reminds me that it’s a good idea to do every now and then. Thanks for the inclusion.

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