People to Follow on Twitter #2

In keeping with my new off-twitter Follow Fridays, here are my recommendations for this week. As always, there are so many great people on twitter, it’s going to take forever to list them all, so if I haven’t listed you yet, there’s always next week! Also check last weeks here!



     @AlpacaFarmgirl is all things Alpaca. But she’s much more, too. Her always cheery view of rural life on her Alpaca farm, with many pictures and blogs, is great fun to follow. She is also fast becoming a fiber arts fanatic (she’s already a self-proclaimed Alpaca fanatic). As she says in her profile, an ‘unlikely farmer’ – but I rarely have followed anyone who seems so happy with her life. And alpacas are cute! Check them out-



     @Aronado is a popular guy with the women on twitter.  One of his many endeavors is a video interview show he does with start-up tech companies called Startup Lucky He is a frequent and many times irreverent twitterer on many topics. And he claims to be the loudest drummer on the planet!



     @attheboutique is not only a great online seller, see her site , she is also the extremely knowledgeable co-host of the ‘The Selling Circus’ where all things marketing, branding, and e-commerce are discussed. Aside from being a shrewd businesswoman, she is a warm and compassionate person, as I know from personal experience. Follow her on twitter and learn.




     @colderICE has been doing podcasts on Internet commerce ( since I first started on twitter, and is not only extremely knowledeable, but funny as hell when he gets ranting at someone! (this occasionally has been EBay 🙂 He’s also knocked himself out on charity drives, which I greatly admire. Check him out for a unique perspective.




     @MisterNoodle is a man of mystery. We do know he is not the guy from Sesame Street. His site claims to be his simple musings, but they seem to me to be extremely thought-provoking. Very engaging on twitter, I early on took his advice to follow a lot more people than I would have, they are a vast pool of knowledge to dip into.




     @PRsarahevans is an expert at communications, and is positioned where public relations, journalism, and blogging come together. She is the originator of #journchat. She is also family oriented, as seen in her recent blog series ‘Everything I Learned About Social Networking I Learned from my Mom and Dad’. She is also very active in local causes, recently helping to raise money for a community crisis center.



     @ShellyKramer is an engaging and pull no punches twitterer. She has opinions, and isn’t afraid to state them, but never in a mean-spirited way. She’s a self-described information junkie, which I must confess, I am also. She has a marketing and communications agency, and loves social media and Milk Duds, both of which endear her to me. Follow her!




     @Zut_Radio is also know as Zut_Moon and broadcasts on twitter from the town of Zutville, a magical, comical virtual village somewhere in virtual Canada. He has numerous lens on Squidoo, with fascinating facts (some of which may even be true) and is funny all the time. I myself am a proud citizen of Zutville, even though an American, which he seems to have certain problems with despite constant statements to the contrary!


5 Responses to People to Follow on Twitter #2

  1. aronado says:

    haha!! Thank’s so much I am humbled to be included 😉

    Everyone knows it’s all about having fun…


  2. Thanks for the thoughtful recommendation. I’m a fan of Sarah Evans too!

    I never would have dreamed of my life the way it is, but it’s so perfect for me. Have to share the cutest critters in the world. They fill my soul on the daily.

    Happy FF!

  3. MisterNoodle says:

    Thanks for the kind words Rog!! Not everyone takes my advice! I would advise them not to most of the time anyway but once in awhile I get it right!

    Great way to post your recommendations!

  4. Zut Moon says:

    I Love Americans!!! It’s the politicians I have a problem with. Still, I would rather be Canadian …which I am… LOL

  5. […] People to Follow on Twitter #3      This is my third list of followfriday recommendations, as previously stated, I think the followfriday idea is great, but it’s execution on twitter has several drawbacks. One of these is the cluttering up of the twitter stream. Another is the endless #ff lists of people with no explanation of why anyone would find them worth following. So I mention this list a few times over the day, and it’s also here to look back at later. My first #ff post is here, my second #ff post is here. […]

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