Stop the Madness (or My List of People to Follow)

#FollowFriday was a great idea in the beginning that went viral and almost useless, endless streams of #ff with lists of names, what does that mean? Does anyone really follow people from lists like that? I had been using the approach of single tweets about one person at a time to follow, which gave me some room to say why you should follow them, but the sheer quantity of everyone doing those also floods the twitter stream. So I am following the lead of many others and posting a list off twitter that I will slowly add to of people I think are worth following. Room for a few sentences about each, perhaps. And then occasionally tweet it’s existence and location for anyone interested.

I’m only adding a few every week, so if you’re not listed yet, give me a chance!


gypsytrading      @gypsytrading was my first twitter mentor, wickedly funny, deeply caring. She sells antiques and other interesting things. She’s constantly learning and adapting to this new social media world.



     @renagades not only sells vinyl records, she has become a writer of note, promoting new talent and covering music and other subjects with an ever increasing skill. (And often incredibly funny in her tweets)



     @RVT01 is the hardest working person I know. Scares me sometimes. I’m always trying to get her to take a vacation. Extremely knowledgeable about antiques and collectibles.  She will always tell it like she sees it!



     @inklesstales is a multi-talented entertainer, web site designer, and general all around wit. She has an award winning site for children, and is a much sought after performer for schools and other groups. She is also the self-proclaimed RT editor for twitter!



     @amyjdean runs her own public relations company, and is my partner in She is passionate about honesty on the web, and is on the cutting edge of the changes in her field which is being drastically changed by social media. A voice to listen to.



     What can you say about @DannyBrown, everyone has him on the list of greats to follow. A blogger extraordinaire, champion of causes, founder of #12for12k, and the nicest person you’ll ever meet. I feel honored to call him my friend.



     @ponet is incredibly brilliant hidden behind a lot of Woots! When I think of Ponet, I think of the song from the ‘Sound of Music’  that the nuns sing. Follow her for laughs and wisdom.

She’d outpester any pest
Drive a hornet from its nest
She could throw a whirling dervish out of whirl
She is gentle! She is wild!
She’s a riddle! She’s a child!
She’s a headache! She’s an angel!

sensible     @sensible is a loving father, a witty writer, and is one of the fastest typists on twitter. This often results in sometimes extremely funny or thought provoking streams of consciousness. Follow him for the unexpected.


blellow     @blellow runs a cutting edge company for freelancers & others to network online, is a champion RT’er of all things web page design, and is one of the nicest people on Twitter (she & @DannyBrown will have to duke it out, or, well, outnice each other!)



     @Cynnergies is somewhat of an enigma to me. A very spiritual person involved in the financial field. Extremely knowledgeable, kind, and at the same time ready to salvo away at injustice! Don’t ever send her an auto DM! A truly good person.



     You’ll notice a thread to my choices, kind, funny, caustic wit and telling it like it is. @sethsimonds is all of that and more. I do think he tries to hide the kind part behind a gruff exterior, but he’s really a nice guy. His blogs are always on point and thought provoking.



     @CTK1 is a wild card, you’ll never know what to expect. Be warned she is PG13, or maybe better yet, PG21 – Extremely brilliant, funny, and master of the one tweet novel. Just don’t argue with her about jazz, be warned!



     @xtrmlyincredbly is a teacher by day and a dreamer by night. She tweets strangely evocative passages running through her obviously quirky and creative mind. Usually I can’t RT because she maxes out the tweet, her only fault!


11 Responses to Stop the Madness (or My List of People to Follow)

  1. Kat Barton says:

    How cool is this, and so sweet of you! Wickedly funny is not apt though, Paul says wickedly crazy! LMBO…Thank you for the recognition. 🙂

  2. Zut Moon says:

    Well Mr Bookseller …we are again on the same page. What assinine bullshit – people telling others to follow us and don’t follow us themselves.

    I believe you are on my lens of Interesting People to Follow and I hope that I will make it here eventually.

    You are a Good Guy …

  3. Laur says:

    To be mentioned in your blog is a deep honor. Thank you for being my friend. You are one of the people that I enjoy interacting on twitter because you always have a balanced view of the world and you are always giving the best advice. I adore you my dear Roger. Laur @ Rene Vintage Treasures, / / Twitter: rvt01

  4. What a great idea! Sometimes we do get caught up in the crazy, fast-paced Twitter #FF feeding frenzy. How nice that you have brought it down a notch, and brought it back to a more thoughtful process of sharing people you enjoy.

    This made me take a well-needed deep breath. Ahhh! Thanks.

  5. renagade says:

    Rodger …you are always around when I need someone! I am blown away by this. Thank you from the bottom of my heart my friend.

    Susan aka Renagades

  6. The CTK1 says:

    THIS ROCKS THE BOOTY! And the booty needs be rocked! VIVA @BooksBelow!

  7. The CTK1 says:

    MY LINK…forgot to add it. OH but I did mention THE BOO-TAY and rockin’ it!

  8. inklesstales says:

    I’m honored to have made your list. Genuinely. You’re one of the people I respect most highly on Twitter. And, incidentally, the planet.

  9. MaraBG says:

    I really enjoyed reading your suggestions. I’ve never done mass #FF. Fridays feel a bit like a term paper combined with Ground Hogs Day. Each week it’s due again! I’ve been doing individual ones, but, I agree, too much. @edlovessumo has a new way I tried today. #SaturdaySuggestion. I tell you, for example, why I think you should follow #bestbookbuys. I’d say you’re both interesting bibliophiles. We’ll see how it goes.

  10. […] People to Follow on Twitter #2 In keeping with my new off-twitter Follow Fridays, here are my recommendations for this week. As always, there are so many great people on twitter, it’s going to take forever to list them all, so if I haven’t listed you yet, there’s always next week! Also check last weeks here! […]

  11. […] So I mention this list a few times over the day, and it’s also here to look back at later. My first #ff post is here, my second #ff post is […]

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